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Bethel Kids Dental Club

No Cavity Kids Club

Cavity-free kids are happy kids, and here at Bethel Kids Dental, we do everything we can to encourage proper kids’ dental care. We are committed to teaching children of all ages that brushing regularly cannot only help them avoid cavities, but it can be fun too! Our No Cavity Club helps reinforce good oral hygiene habits by rewarding kids with fun prizes if they don’t develop new cavities between visits.


All kids who remain cavity free from one dental visit to the next will get a special prize and are eligible to be entered into a drawing to receive a grand prize. We will draw one winner every three months, and present them with a grand prize to reward them for their excellent brushing habits. A picture of each winner posing with their prize is then displayed on our website for every to see and admire.


We recognize that it can be difficult for kids to realize the importance of good dental care, which is why we are proud to make brushing a fun and rewarding experience. Discover how rewarding is to fight off cavities by calling us at (209) 400-2018 and schedule an appointment to get started in the club.

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